What is the minimum order?

 Our factory prefers to produce 200 units or more.  They do sometimes agree to 100 units if the design is very simple.  Considering the amount of work involved it is perfectly understandable why they try to do 200 or more.   

What are the limitations in the design of moulded PVC products?

Due to the way the memory sticks are moulded there are certain technical limitations. Examples of these are:

  • Minimum size (H x W) we can make text.
  • Minimum thickness of certain lines. This is limited by the minimum thickness of the blade that cuts into metal mould.
  • Wrapping of logos or text on a round object is not always possible.

We have found the best way to go about moulding a product is to leave it to the factory to explain any limitations to us when we send them drawings or design to copy.

What is the difference between 2D and 3D moulded objects?

This is very hard to define however it’s probably easiest to show you in pictures. The emblem below is a 2D moulded product that is flat.
usb flash drive memory 2d

The little man below is an example of 3D moulding.  The actual shape of the product or item is maintained as far as possible.   It’s not always possible to create all shapes of products due to technical limitations in the moulding process.

usb flash drive memory 3d